Monday, July 20, 2009

A memorable trek to Peb-Fort

I know this post is coming after a long time which is not a very good thing if one wants to survive in the blog-world. I learned my lesson and will try to update it more regularly.

Well, I am very happy to share this post with you all. We (my colleagues Deepika, Sumeet, Anagha and our boss Dr. Ranade - the famous five) went for a trek to Peb-fort last Sunday and had a whale of a time. First we were planning to go to Rajmachi, but finally we decided on Peb-fort. Since we were working on Saturday, we had only iklota Sunday for the trek. But we decided to sacrifice our cozy beds and set off for the trek. I got up at 4 am on Sunday morning (yeah you read it right!) and sent an SMS to the other four trekkers who were supposed to join me. We all boarded 5:41 a.m. Mumbai local from Dadar station. I was under the impression that the train will be empty on a Sunday morning and we can easily get on the train and the entire train will be ours. But here comes the Bombay-life-reality. When we reached Dadar station, it was completely packed. I was taken aback to see thousands of people at the station so early in the morning and that too on a Sunday morning. Anyway, when the Karjat train arrived, somehow we managed to barge in; but we all ended up in separate compartments. Later on all five of us could manage to be in the same compartment and got seats as well (so lucky!).

So we reached Neral station at around 8 a.m. and parked some sandwiches in our stomachs with cutting chai. After we were done with the eating, we started our journey straight to Peb fort. But here comes the best part of the trek; none of us were familiar with the way to the fort. So we had to explore our way.

All set to go!

These kids helped us find the right way!!

The Famous Five (...and a half)!!

It's just a beginning baby!!

Let's take some rest!!

We started climbing up. First we came across a small Jungle where some weird fat mosquitoes attacked on us as if they were having their Sunday brunch.We finally crossed that jungle and saw this beautiful Jharana (waterfall) and had some water from it. I bet it tasted thousand times better than the Bisleri water we drink everyday. (Aaaa...not exactly but it was quite okay, I mean I didn't fall sick after having it).We kept moving up and reached the top in about 2-1/2 hours.

Have some water please!!

Let me pose for the camera!!

Wow! What a scenic place!!

On Cloud 9!!

The view from the top was mind-blowing. We couldn’t believe our eyes. We had a quick lunch there, a photo session and then started our journey back to the Neral. But we couldn’t take the same way back because it was horribly difficult and scary to climb down. We then discovered a different and easier way to go down. (We took Matheran way to go back to Neral.

Wow! It's so beautiful!!



It's time to go back!!

After reaching the station we had cutting tea at the same shop. We boarded 3:51 fast local from Neral station and came back to Mumbai. After reaching home I had a bath in lukewarm water as suggested by my mom and went off to sleep only to get up next day morning. I had a very sound sleep that night. My maid woke me up next morning and I looked at the watch; it was 9:30 am. Shit! I hurled myself out of the bed as I had to reach office at 10 am. I quickly freshened up and slipped into formals and managed to reach office just on time. Thank God! Sitting in front of the computer I realized that each and every part of my body was aching badly. But I had a smile on my face. And I was thrilled to have such an amazing experience that left an indelible impression on my mind. And I know one thing that I can’t forget this trek ever.


  1. Wow, seems like you guys had a great adventurous day...I'm now regretting not taking up the offer of joining you all...YOur team rocks...a lucky gang...


  2. cool!

    we'd gone to Nakhind a couplov weeks ago..
    i like that area a lot!

    was peb crowded? and you had lunch at the top? did you carry it?

  3. awwwww!!! Such a wonderful place!!!!

  4. I guess there is some technical problems with the comments!!!

  5. great pictures. looks like you guys really had fun.

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  7. Charu: It was too good yar…I wish you were there that day!!!

    Fangs: Hey how was Nakhind? Peb fort wasn’t crowded at all. We were carrying prathas, sandwiches, etc. and water (must)…you won’t get anything on the way…

    RoH: I swear buddy…We freaked out completely!!

    niwtuscorner: Yeah! You’re 100% right!!!

  8. nice pics and description!!

    well we went there today...20th aug 2009... and found something which i think is worth sharing...

    if u remember there is a ladder to climb a wall just after a small cave... u can see this ladder in many pics on other blogs...

    and when we reached there..the ladder was missing !!! It was almost impossible to climb the rock without any other support as it was slippery....we used 2 towels and a jeans to make a rope and literally pulled ppl up !!

    few ppl at the top informed us that they removed the ladder yesterday only :(

  9. Thank you for sharing your experience... I very much remember the ladder and I enjoyed the water coming sprinkling all over my face when I climbed the top rod of the ladder...It was a different feeling...
    It's so sad that they removed the ladder...But I appreciate that you guys still made it...believe me excellent job... Do you often go on trek?